Our Work

We fight for and advance the cause of women, youth and children, irrespective of ethnic, religious or political affiliation.The work we do supporting women, youths and children involves interventions that cut across advocacy, education, community relations and several projects.


  • Domestic and international Domestic advocacies: speaking engagements.
  • Drug Awareness Campaigns
  • Peace Carnivals
  • Story telling in schools
  • Campaigns Against Electoral Violence.


  • Scholarships to Physically Challenged persons in collaboration with Inclusive Security
  • Scholarship to a Muslim girl in higher institution.

Community Relations

  • Police Community Dialogues
  • Police Youth Dialogues
  • Vigilante Groups Support
  • Community Women Training
  • Representation in Traditional Council.


  • Mothers School
  • Peace Well
  • Project Common Bond
  • Rehabilitation of School Classroom
  • Police Community Dialogues
  • Interfaith Dialogues.


What Our Beneficiaries are Saying

“Saved from drug addiction”

“My son was into drug abuse and there was a raid in the community by the police. He was arrested together with other youths. We were asked to bring the particulars of our house before he is released on bail. After second thought we decided not to give the particulars, and when he was finally released he came back home sober and we asked him if we had given the house particulars, which house would he have come back to? He became very sober and never went back into substance abuse. I want to thank Women Without Walls for teaching me how to have a voice with my children through the Mothers School. If not for WOWWI I wouldn’t have had the confidence to talk to my son because I was afraid of him but WOWWI taught me not to be afraid of my son and to use my power as a mother. I am grateful that WOWWI remembered grassroots women like us.” – Naomi Yaro

“Mothers School to Council member”

I was a participant of the Mothers School project organised by Women Without Walls Initiative in 2015. I became a trainer in the same project in 2016 and learned a lot. Then in 2017 I formed my own mothers school group to train women in my community with 20 women which later grew to 60 women. The project was so successful that I was awarded by UN Women for my participation in peacebuilding in my community. I became a member of the decision making traditional council for my community that had been reserved only for men before, making me the first woman with that kind of title. Without Women Without Walls Initiative, I would have not had the knowledge and requisite skills to embark on such a project and make it as successful .I will forever thank WOWWI for changing my life.” – Maijidda Garba

“Solution for Radicalisation”

I did not know what to expect when I joined the mother’s school brought by WOWWI. I joined to gain some form of education but I did not know what it was. I really enjoyed the topic on radicalization as it has helped me as I can easily identify some signs of radicalization in the youths in my community. The various programs that WOWWI has introduced, especially the mothers school, has had a tremendous impact on various communities that are prone to ethnic violence and religious extremism. Thank you WOWWI for bringing such an initiative to our community.” – Esther Sale

“Children should be respected”

WOWWI has introduced various programs targeted at women and youth in my community as a whole. One of such programs is the mother’s school training. As a result of the mothers’ school training I have learned how to relate with my children, I now respect my children and their opinions. I have also started engaging my children and other youths in my community on the effect of drugs and substance abuse, I have also shared the modules with other women who were not opportuned to attend the training. I thank WOWWI for this project and for also trusting in us women.” – Fatima Usman

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